They’re Grreat?: Here is What Cereal Ranks Highest in New Jersey

If you don’t feel like cooking tonight, how about pouring a bowl of cereal?

Apparently, the cereal most likely to be found in your bowl if you live in New Jersey is: Cookie Crisp.

Cookie Crisp topped the list in the Garden State and four others according to Zippia, a website that searches Google trends for data of online inquires.

So what ranked at the top?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch with 13 states:  Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Froot Loops won the hearts and minds of eight states:  Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Frosted Flakes took four states, while Fruity Pebbles only ranked at #1 in two.

Lucky Charms? Not lucky at all with zero appearances.

Here is the list:

Each State’s Favorite Cereal

StateFavorite Cereal
AlabamaFrosted Flakes
AlaskaCap’n Crunch
ArizonaApple Jacks
ArkansasFroot Loops
CaliforniaHoney Bunches of Oats
ColoradoFroot Loops
DelawareCap’n Crunch
District of ColumbiaFruity Pebbles
FloridaCinnamon Toast Crunch
GeorgiaFroot Loops
HawaiiCocoa Puffs
IdahoCookie Crisp
IllinoisCinnamon Toast Crunch
IndianaCinnamon Toast Crunch
IowaCookie Crisp
KansasCinnamon Toast Crunch
KentuckyCookie Crisp
LouisianaApple Jacks
MaineFrosted Flakes
MarylandCookie Crisp
MichiganCinnamon Toast Crunch
MinnesotaCinnamon Toast Crunch
MississippiFrosted Flakes
MissouriRaisin Bran
MontanaCinnamon Toast Crunch
NebraskaCinnamon Toast Crunch
NevadaHoney Bunches of Oats
New HampshireCheerios
New JerseyCookie Crisp
New MexicoFroot Loops
New YorkFrosted Flakes
North CarolinaCinnamon Toast Crunch
North DakotaFruity Pebbles
OhioCinnamon Toast Crunch
OklahomaFroot Loops
OregonFroot Loops
PennsylvaniaCinnamon Toast Crunch
Rhode IslandHoney Bunches of Oats
South CarolinaApple Jacks
South DakotaRice Krispies
TennesseeCinnamon Toast Crunch
TexasFroot Loops
UtahCap’n Crunch
VermontHoney Nut Cheerios
VirginiaCinnamon Toast Crunch
WashingtonFroot Loops
West VirginiaWheaties
WyomingFrosted Mini-Wheats

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