The Doll on The Masked Singer Revealed to Be ’80s Icon

The Doll on The Masked Singer wanted to rock!

On the Wednesday night broadcast (April 5) of the Fox show, The Doll –who competed in a purple dress and sky high heels–was revealed to be none other than Twisted Sister front man, Dee Snider.

“Let me tell you, Gene Simmons, Iggy Pop, no one can work pumps like I did,” Snider said after his unmasking, “and by the way ladies, it’s like riding a bike. I wore them in the ’70s and it all came back to me once I put it on.” 

He exit from the show thrilled the audience with performance of the Twisted Sister classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

After the show, Snider told Entertainment Weekly thought he was going further in the competition because the other singers weren’t as good as he was.

“Quite honestly I was shocked when they said my name,” he sayid. “I don’t know who the other performers are, but I heard them rehearsing and I wasn’t too impressed. And the audience response to me was huge. So I was like, what?!” 

He adds, “I thought I was gonna go all the way. You should have heard my [version of] ‘The Final Countdown.’ We were already rehearsing the next show. I crushed ‘The Final Countdown,’ but I never got to sing it.”

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