The Beatles Get a Beetle Named After Them

Move over hornets–the beetles are taking over your headlines.

A newly discovered species of cave beetle has been given the taxonomical name Ptomaphagus thebeatles, according to a paper published in The beetle –now officially a “Beatle”–was found by Dutch scientists and “citizen researchers” in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

The insect, which measures just two millimeters long, is the first beetle to be named in the Fab Four’s honor. The moniker was chosen to honor John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s “Bed In for Peace” protest that took place in 1969 at Amsterdam’s Hilton Hotel, which is located near Vondelpark.

To celebrate the event, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center tweeted a pic of –you guessed it–four Beetles crossing Abbey Road.
Twitter: Naturalis Biodiversity Center

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