Six Flags To Debut Rare ‘African Bongo’ in Wild Safari

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is gearing up for the 2021 season with the announcement of new furry friends debuting as part of the Safari family–including a rare African Bongo.

Since the bongo’s wild population is estimated at fewer than 150 due to hunting and habitat loss, the species is considered critically endangered, the park said in a statment.

Six Flags is scheduled to fully open on March 27, with a Drive-In Light Show launching the season on March 18.

The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure will once again allow guests to take a journey exploring over 1,200 exotic animals from six continens, including the popular giraffes and zebras, elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears and baboons. While most animals roam freely in the safari, lions and tigers are safely kept behind fences. All animals are clearly visible from car windows.

When the park opens March 20, guests will see the babies of 2020, including four giraffe calves and two Siberian tiger cubs. Six Flags will also introduce the rare bongo species including an adorable calf in mid-April.

The bongo is the world’s third largest antelope, native to the continent of Africa. Striking, reddish-brown herbivores have unique white and black face markings, body stripes, and long, spiraled horns to aid with camouflage in their natural habitat. Bongos are mainly nocturnal animals, occasionally exhibiting crepuscular behaviors – making them most active at dusk and dawn; and

Later this spring, the Animal Care Team looks forward to welcoming an array of adorable babies including eland, dama gazelle, and ankoli cattle calves in the Wilde Plains; wildebeest calves in the Serengeti Grasslands; kangaroo joeys in Didgeridoo Pass; bison calves in The Americas; zebra foals and Asian water buffalo calf in Afrikka; nilgai calves in Tigris Asiana, and “playful baboons” in Baboon Village.

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