Six Flags Ready to Create Worlds Longest Rollercoaster Ride

This Thursday (June 16) at 2 p.m., Six Flags Great Adventure will welcome the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) club in an attempt to participate in what will be the “world’s longest rollercoaster ride” in celebration of he anniversary of the opening of the first modern roller coaster.

 Local ACE members will fill a train of El Toro, recently voted the No. 1 roller coaster in America by 10Best!, and ride simultaneously with fellow members across the country. The ride will celebrate the engineering, architecture, history, entertainment and marvels of roller coasters that began June 16, 1884 with the opening of La Marcus Thompson’s Switchback Railway at Coney Island and emphasize the importance of preserving and enjoying these treasures.

“Roller coasters fill us with fears, thrills, laughter and screams, but most importantly, they offer us the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with family and friends,” said Elizabeth Ringas, ACE’s communications director. “ACE is proud to take this moment to celebrate this anniversary with parks across North America during World Roller Coaster Appreciation Month.”

Also on tap this month for June 21 is World Giraffe Day, with the famed Six Flags Giraffes ready to greet guests in the Drive-Thru Safari adventure.

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