Sir Paul McCartney spotted in New Jersey Café

Photo: from Blue Café Facebook Page

Sir Paul McCartney was simply having a wonderful Christmas time at Blue Café last Friday in Basking Ridge, according to various reports.

The café–owned by Barbara and Chris Chutnik –served McCartney and his wife,  Nancy Shevell some holiday cheer, including a cappuccino for Paul.

Blue Café Talking to the legend was an amazing experience ❤️,” the café shared on Facebook.

Barbara sat and chatted with McCartney for a bit about Shevell and the trucking business before introducing the couple to husband, Chris.

“I can’t believe you guys are here,” he told the couple.

Chris, a musician, chatted with Paul a bit about drumming and being in a band.

“I sent them your way,” resident Catherine Piper commented on Blue Café’s Facebook page. “I had a meeting with him and his loverly wife. I was happy to recommend Blue Cafe when they asked for a good local spot.”

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