Ronnie Platt of Kansas Talks New Album, Touring Future and Drive-In Concerts on 1071 The Boss

The last time 1071 The Boss checked in with Kansas lead singer Ronnie Platt, we were announcing the Boss Summer Bash with Foreigner and Europe, as the group was gearing up for the “Jukebox Heroes” tour.

Six months later, and one month before the show at the PNC Bank Arts Center was supposed to happen, Platt and the band remains in quarantine.

“Michele, don’t make me cry,” Platt said to 1071 The Boss mid-day host Michele Amabile. “We couldn’t wait to see you, but it’s something that is out of our control, out of our hands. But we have to keep some PMA-some positive mental attitude that we will be back soon.”

Asked about the future of the tour, Platt said those decisions are “out of our hands.”

“We have to take it day by day and see what transpires,” he said. “Hopefully we will be back.”

Happily, the band is set to release its sixteenth studio album, “The Absence of Presence” tomorrow (July 17).

“I have heard that so many bands are holding the release of their albums now, because of course you want to promote your album when you are out on tour, but I am so glad that we are releasing this now, because it gives our fans something in lieu of touring right now,” he said.

The new single, “Jets Overhead,” captures the classic Kansas sound, he said, and offers a treat for fans of David Ragsdale’s violin work and the lyrics of New Jersey native son and Kansas band member, Tom Brislin. Another NJ native and Kansas member, Zak Rizvil, wrote the soaring music that completes the track.

“It’s probably my favorite song because of David Ragsdale’s flaming hot violin in that song,” he said. “Watching him do his parts in the studio-what a treat.”

Asked if Kansas would entertain the possibility of a drive-in concert, Platt is torn.

“Anything is possible, but I have mixed feelings about that,” he said. “Sure, it’s some way to see your favorite band or see live music, but boy from my perspective there is nothing like being elbow to elbow with 10-12-14,000 of your closest friends that are loving the band on stage.”

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Kansas: Jets Overhead

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