Rolling Stones to Debut New London Store

You can always get what you want if you’re a Rolling Stones fan!

The Stones now have a pop-up store, set to open in London on Sept 9. The retail store, RS No. 9 Carnaby, is located on Carnaby Street in London’s famous Soho district.

The store — created by Bravado, Universal Music Group’s merch company, in partnership with the band–will feature Stones themed apparel and merchandise with exclusive fashions, accessories and merchandise.

“Soho has always encapsulated Rock ‘n’ Roll so Carnaby Street was the perfect spot for our own store,” the band says in a joint statement. “We are confident this exciting project that our friends at Bravado have created will be an unrivalled experience for everyone to come to London and enjoy.”

In addition to the fashion, the group’s albums and singles will be available for purchase, with tunes piped throughout the store. If you forget the lyrics, no worries-you can see them printed on the glass floor. Even the dressing rooms will be adorned with the band’s image.

Check out the video below:

New Stones Store: RS No9 Carnaby-in London (YouTube)

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