Ringo Starr Releases New EP ‘Zoom In’ Today; Reveals Secret of Youthful Appearance

Ringo Starr has a new EP coming out, “Zoom In,” and it features an A-list cast of musicians, including fellow Beatle Paul McCartney.

The record includes songs written by Diane Warren, Toto’s Steve Lukather, Joe Walsh, and Panic! at the Disco songwriter Sam Hollander, as well as appearances by Corinne Bailey Rae, Sheryl Crow, Dave Grohl, Lenny Kravitz, Jenny Lewis, Chris Stapleton, Yola, Robby Krieger, Benmont Tench, and many others. Tracks like “Not Enough Love in the World” and the Warren-penned “Here’s to the Nights,” round out the abbreviated release.

Starr-who recently appeared at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards-revealed to USA today that he has received both jabs of the Covid-19 vaccine, and credited a clean diet of “blueberries and broccoli” for keeping his immune system in check.

His youthful appearance, the 80-year old Beatle drummer tells BBC Radio 2, comes from a combo of exercise and his vegetarian diet.

” I just get up in the morning and this is what you get… I tend to work out and keep as busy as I can,” he laughed, via the Mirror. “I’m a vegetarian, I eat lots of berries, lots of fruit and lots of vegetables and salad.”

As for why he is releasing an EP and not a full album, Starr said “I felt I’m not going to make any more complete CDs [anymore,]” he affirmed because “EPs were on my brain.”

Aside from Zoom In, Starr’s book Ringo Rocks: 30 Years of the All Starrs 1989-2019 is also out today.

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