Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Hollywood Star, Release New Album

Fresh off of getting their star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing their latest album, Unlimited Love, today (April 1). The album, which is the band’s 12th studio set, reunites the band with famed producer Rick Rubin.

 The Peppers’ big in day was so packed yesterday (MarcH 31) Hollywood Boulevard had to be shut down.  The festivities included USC’s marching band performing covers of their songs with guests Woody Harrelson and funk musician George Clinton in attendance

“I’m pretty sure that I have inadvertently vomited on Hollywood Walk of Fame stars in my lifetime,” Anthony Kiedis tells Variety of the honor. “I’ve certainly slept on top of Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame stars in my lifetime. I’ve trod upon them not as a tourist but as a person running from the authorities or possibly running from somebody that I owed money to.”

“I’ve walked over every one of those stars — every sidewalk, every crack, every one of them. To be recognized and be a part of the physical fabric of those sidewalks means a lot to me,” agrees Flea.

He adds, “A lot of honors that we’ve gotten or not gotten, we don’t give a f*** about. But this one is actually really beautiful for me, and to be a part of that history, to be where Groucho Marx is and Marilyn Monroe is, means a lot to me.”

“Flea and I lived on Hollywood Boulevard back before it had been cleaned up and gentrified and turned back into the attraction that it is today, so I do have a relationship with the boulevard and the stars,” notes Kiedis. He adds, “In the end, you know, it’s a cool little object for people to spit their gum onto — and it’s exciting.”

Watch the band’s new video for “These Are The Ways” below:

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