Queen Releases Unheard Track, “Face it Alone”

Queen has unearthed a previously unheard track from 1989, “Face it Alone,” featuring the vocals of the late Freddie Mercury.

The song–recorded during the sessions for the band’s 1989 studio album The Miracle— has just been released as a digital download and via streaming formats.

The track will be included in the upcoming expanded reissue of The Miracle, dubbed The Miracle Collector’s Edition, which will be released on November 18. 

“We’d kind of forgotten about this track,” admits Queen drummer Roger Taylor, “but there it was, this little gem. It’s wonderful, a real discovery. It’s a very passionate piece.”

The Miracle Collector’s Edition features five CDs, one vinyl LP, a Blu-ray disc, a DVD and a 76-page hardback book.

Also included on the CDs: a remastered version of the original 10-track album; a disc featuring early takes and versions, demos, in-studio conversations and unheard tracks; a CD titled Alternative Miracle that compiles extra tracks from The Miracle sessions, B-sides, extended versions and more; a disc of instrumental and backing tracks from the record’s 10 songs; and a CD of archival interviews with the band’s members.

You can preorder The Miracle Collector’s Edition now.

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