Peter Gabriel Releases Song to Celebrate Full Moon

A full moon on May 5 means another new song from Peter Gabriel, and he delivered one today right on schedule as part of his full moon release series.

. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer just released the track “Four Kinds of Horses,” from upcoming album i/o. The track features Brian Eno on synthesizer.

“One of the inspirations is the Buddhist parable of the Four Kinds of Horses, which describes different ways a student can approach their spiritual practice, but also the interesting overlap of religion and peace on the one hand and violence and terrorism on the other,” Peter shares. “There was also a wonderful film by Hany Abu-Assad called ‘Paradise Now’ which shows two young men who end up being trained to become terrorists and it’s a real insight into where the head goes.”

Gabriel’s album i/o is due in 2023, with his tour kicking off May 18.

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