Paul McCartney Teasing Fans on Instagram

It appears Paul McCartney has another surprise in store for fans, as he has been teasing his social media followers with names for rumored collaborations appearing on images of 12 colored rolling dice.

 A video featuring three dotted dice like the one that appears on the McCartney III album cover — are seen rolling, with each also boasting the name of a music artist, producer or DJ.

The names featured on the dice are BeckQueens of the Stone Age‘s Josh HommeBlur‘s Damon AlbarnSt. VincentAnderson .PaakPhoebe BridgersIdris ElbaBlood OrangeDominic FikeKhruangbin3D and EOB, the latter likely referring to Radiohead‘s Ed O’Brien.

Could be a deluxe album on the way? The Beatle icon so far is mum, but the clues point to either that or a remix.

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