Newark Airport Ranks First As Worst Airport in Nation

If you are travelling for the holidays this season, you might want to factor extra time for your flight–especially if you are flying out of Newark Liberty Airport.

Newark Liberty Airport has now been bestowed the dubious honor of being named as the worst airport for delays, with nearly 25 percent of all flights arriving tardy, according to a new study.

The news isn’t much better in New York, according to the Bureau of Transportation. LaGuardia Airport in New York finished second on the list, with over 22 percent of flights delays reported. John F. Kennedy Airport didn’t rank well, either, finishing tied for 10th on the list.

Flying Allegiant Air? That airline is the most likely for delays, with 27 percent of flights departing past schedule.

U.S. airports where flight arrivals are most frequently delayed

1  Newark Liberty International 75.71% On Time  /  24.29% Late or Cancelled

2 New York LaGuardia 77.48% On Time  /  22.52% Late or Cancelled

3 Dallas/Fort Worth 79.23% On Time  /  20.77% Late or Cancelled

4 Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood 79.78% On Time  /  20.22% Late or Cancelled

5 Palm Beach International 80.34% On Time  /  19.66% Late or Cancelled

6= Boston Logan International 80.61% On Time  /  19.39% Late or Cancelled

6= Louis Armstrong New Orleans 80.61% On Time/19.39% Late or Cancelled

8 Orlando International 80.78% On Time  /  19.22% Late or Cancelled

9 San Antonio International 80.97% On Time  /  19.03% Late or Cancelled

10= John F. Kennedy New York 81.21% On Time  /  18.79% Late or Cancelled

10= San Francisco International 81.21% On Time  /  18.79% Late or Cancelled

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