New Study Reveals New Jersey Graduates Top Graduation Dress Colors

The Senior Class of 2023 is getting ready for graduation, but what to wear for the ceremony?

According to a new study by Karen Millen, the color of choice for the big day for graduates in New Jersey is: white.

Why white? It’s a “symbol of a fresh start, white is the perfect color dress to choose for graduation as you prepare for life after college,” according to the report.

“Not only that, but it’s a timeless shade that will match lots of other colors, so it certainly won’t clash with your robe” it says.

“Graduation Day is a special occasion for students across the country – not only is it an opportunity to celebrate your achievements with loved ones, but it’s a symbol of change. With that in mind, it’s important to find a dress that you’ll feel confident in to ensure the day is everything you’ve hoped for,” a spokesperson for Karen Millen said. 

The spokesperson continued: “It’s interesting to see the variety of colors that students are searching for, and it’s useful to know to help you prepare for the day – whether you want to stay on-trend and select a popular color, or perhaps go against the grain and choose something unique.” 

The study analyzed Google search terms to arrive at its findings.

Other top colors included:

#2. Black – Black is undoubtedly a classic color, so it’s unlikely you’ll look back on graduation photos in years to come and regret your choice. It’s fitting for the occasion given that black is typically associated with formal wear; plus, it can be paired with so many other colors, leaving you with plenty of options when it comes to picking your accessories. 

#3. Pink – A pink dress is one way to make a statement at graduation as you close this life chapter. It’s bound to turn some heads, and it’s the perfect way for law majors in particular to say goodbye in true Elle Woods style. 

#4. Gold – Nothing states glamour like gold: it’s sophisticated yet bold to ensure your outfit is one to remember. Those with warm skin tones will especially suit a gold dress – and paired with a black graduation robe, the color combination will create a luxurious aesthetic. 

#5. Red – If you want to appear confident, red is the color for you – and given that it is a symbol of strength, it will represent your hard work and determination throughout college to reach graduation day. It’s a striking choice that is certain to stand out but be sure to keep shoes or accessories simple to avoid any color clashing. 

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