New Snake Species Named for Metallica’s James Hetfield

Some musicians get their own brand on ice cream. If you are Metallica front man James Hetfield, you are honored by becoming the namesake of a new species of snake.

Hetfield’s name is now forever immortalized as the Artheris hetfieldi , a newly discovered species of African Bush Viper on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea. 

The reptile is noted for its “”triangular-shaped head and strongly-keeled scales, which gives them a dragon-like appearance.” Researchers told Metal Hammer, “We think that a mysterious venomous and cool looking snake, who lives in the base of a volcano lost in the middle of the tropical forest is very relatable to heavy metal! Naming a new species after someone as James brings more attention to the much needed biodiversity studies and field surveys.”

Metallica and snakes are old friends–a snake was featured as part of the art work for “The Black Album.”

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