New Jersey Picks Interesting Activity for Valentines Day Date Night Idea

Looking for a perfect date night in New Jersey?

According to Google Trends, the ultimate way to spend Valentines Day is at a Paint and Sip session. Other states that picked that pleasurable activity include: Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Despite AMC’s efforts to make movies unaffordable, it remains a top choice in Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota.  Movie-goers in Texas and Georgia are still fans of drive-ins, too.

Miniature golf is #1 in California, Kansas, and Washington state, while bowling is tops in Pennsylvania and Louisiana.   Want a fun night in Arkansas and West Virginia? Hit the arcade! Go-Karts Go Karts-not gambling–is big on the to-do list in Nevada.

If your date isn’t going well in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Nebraska, and South Carolina, there’s the escape road option. And in Michigan and Connecticut, axe-throwing is a turn on for a date.

  Things are more cerebral in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia, with Museums on the list, and bookstores are a fun thing to do in Oklahoma.   

Country concerts in Tennessee take a backseat to a spa day, while couples in Utah prefer an aquarium to the slopes.

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