Members of the Cars, Squeeze, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Part of New Rock-Opera

Fans of The Cars and Squeeze will get a little of both in a forthcoming  prog rock-influenced project, Rocking Horse Music Club.

Greg Hawkes of The Cars and Chris Difford of Squeeze leant their talents to the album, Circus of Wire Dolls, a rock-opera that will be released as a two-CD set September 16. A two-LP vinyl version is due out October 21

“On the surface, the record tells the story of a man who creates a miniature circus out of wire, string, and cloth,” explains Rocking Horse Music Club producer/songwriter Brian Coombes, “but it’s really about a man looking back at his life, his work, the people who entered and exited his world, his successes, his failures, his regrets.”

Hawkes contributes alto sax to the album, while Difford sings on one of the tracks. Other musicians appearing on the record include: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band vocalist Noel McCalla, ex-King Crimson violinist David Cross, current Squeeze pedal-steel guitarist Melvin Duffy and Dream Academy multi-instrumentalist Kate St. John.

The album can be preorderd in the U.S. at and, and in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world at

Here’s the full Circus of Wire Dolls track list:

“Prologue: Riverside”
“Circus of Wire Dolls”
“Packed Up” — featuring Noel McCalla
“Senseless Sky”
“Animate in 5/8” — featuring Noel McCalla & Caroline Carter
“To Reach the Other Side”
“Will You Be My Downfall?” — featuring Caroline Carter
“So Little Left” — featuring Tim Bowness
“It’s Not About You”
“Trapeze Waltz” — featuring Amy Birks
“Burn” — featuring Caroline Carter
“Cut from a Different Cloth” — featuring Chris Difford
“Face of Rain”
“Lost a Piece of Me”
“House Party at Jack’s”
“Flowers in November”
“Every Show Must End” — featuring Noel McCalla
“All Shall Be Well” — featuring Evelyn Cormier
“Circus Waltz” — featuring David Cross
“Coda: Slide Down the Cellar Door”


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