Listen to New Track By YES (Video)

Yes is back with news of a new album to be released in October.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of “The Quest,” the band is giving fans a taste with a video for the first single, “The Ice Bridge.”

The environmentally conscious song– written by Yes frontman Jon Davison and keyboardist Geoff Downes–addresses “race against time” to reverse the devastating impact of climate change.

“Usually what happens is each member is left to write their respective parts and put their stamp on things,” Davison said in a statement. “Geoff sent me a selection of exciting and often gorgeous snippets he had created and made it clear that he wished I experiment freely and develop as needed. This in turn gave me the confidence to take on the vocal role – lyrics, vocal melody and harmony, how the vocals are presented and uniquely phrased – but all the while striving to stay faithful to Geoff’s initial ideas.”

The band will hit the road in May 2022 for a special series of European shows that’ll feature a complete performance of their 1974 album Relayer at every stop.

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