Lily Cornell Silver and Ann Wilson Discuss Body Shaming in IGTV Conversation

Lily Cornell Silver, the daughter of the late Chris Cornell, opened the second season of her popular podcast, Mind Wide Open, with Heart front woman Ann Wilson in an intimate and revealing discussion delving into the struggles of body shaming.

Wilson–who just released a new single, ‘The Hammer–told a heartbreaking story of a review of a Heart show that didn’t even focus on the music, sharing “we were in an airport and I read this review from the night before that really just landed on me…It didn’t even mention that I sang…I had to go find a restroom and get into a stall, and just chill because I felt I was going to go crazy…I couldn’t take all that personal criticism on a huge public scale. When I chilled out and finally came out I was ok, but that kind of thing started happening which led to me having stage fright. Like ‘I don’t even want to go out there.”

The Seattle icon also discussed changes she’s made in her life to improve her mental health, including therapy and meditation. 

Speaking about her experience early in her career in music Ann says, “In the 1980s that may have been the lowest of the low in terms of female acceptance that I’ve ever lived through. It was when the lowest premium was put on female ‘naturalness’ ever. At first, it was pretty fun to get all dressed up and have big huge hair and the make-up because it was theatre, but it became the expectation.”

Cornell’s podcast–which aims to destigmatize the misconceptions about mental health– features brand new shows on IGTV every other Tuesday.

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