KISS Announces New Years Eve Virtual Event

KISS is ready to officially “Kiss 2020 Goodbye,” and is planning an extravagant–yet socially distant–event at Atlantis Dubai on December 31.

Gene Simmons, in a new video, promises the show–produced by Landmarks-will be just what Dr. Love ordered for the Covid-19 blues.

KISS is here to make life a little bit better,” Gene said (see video below). “We wanna bring cheer, shake the heavens and you can see it live New Year’s Eve around the world. We’re gonna stream it wherever you are. Stay at home. Be safe. Join the biggest, baddest party. KISS is gonna be live from Dubai in your living room.”

Tickets to the event can be purchased at, with prices starting at $49.99 and gong all the way up to $999 for a bundle that includes 14 “exclusive and limited edition items,” including a Blu-ray of the concert.

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