Kevin Smith Announces “Jay & Silent Bob Cruise Askew” Voyage on Norwegian Pearl

Snoochie Boochies! Tell your Boss you are taking the day off because you aren’t supposed to be there and take a cruise with Jay and Silent Bob on the “Cruise Askew” voyage sailing February 23-26, 2024, from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas aboard Norwegian Pearl.

Hosted by Kevin Smith and featuring Jason MewesJay & Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew will offer a totally immersive voyage into the Cruise Askewniverse via a one-of-a-kind slate of activities, spanning live podcast recordings, stand-up comedy, autograph and photo sessions, and a wide array of enhanced experiences.

“As a man who’s been afraid of sharks since he first saw Jaws in 1975, I’m gonna do my best to make sure none of us get eaten on the Cruise Askew! I’m also gonna go out of my way to make sure we all have a great time while on the high seas by loading the 3 days with any and all activities a fan of my flicks could want!” says Smith, “I’ll make it an experience folks will treasure – and all you have to do is bring your own booty!”

Other View Askew celebrities on the cruise include:  Brian O’Halloran, Marc Bernardin, Ralph Garman, Andy McElfresh, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith.

The cruise will also give fans a chance to watch live tapings of such Smodcast Network podcasts as Jay and Silent Bob Get OldFatman BeyondHollywood Babble OnEdumacation, and Plus One. Cruisers can dive even deeper into Smith’s world with a spectacular schedule of “Silly Cinematic Shit,” including the Kevin Smith Me-seum, a “Mooby’s at Sea” pop-up restaurant (complete with late-night Hater Tots), and a script reading of an unreleased version of the Clerks III.

Comedians Jake Ruble and AJ Wilkerson as well as live musical performances by Lo(u)ser, Mega Ran, Rebuilder, Roots of Mine, Telethon, and Shut Up & Dance will round out the activies.  Jay & Silent Bob’s Cruise Askew will also feature special theme nights – including a ‘90s Prom hosted by Jennifer Schwalbach Smith – along with Bird Bingo, exclusive behind-the-scenes panels, Q&As, activities with favorite actors and podcast hosts, movie screenings, and much more.

Pre-Sales through March 29 secure a cabin photo opportunity with host Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in character as Jay & Silent Bob.

Public On-Sales follow on Friday, March 31 at 2:00 p. m (ET), exclusively at Three different payment options will be available, with Automated Monthly Billing allowing for a deposit as low as $100 per person.

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