Julian Lennon and The White Feather Foundation Partner with Future Youth Records on its youth-led ‘Think Earth’ EP

Julian Lennon is giving the Earth a chance through a new partnership with his White Feather Foundation and Future Youth Records on a new, “Think Earth” campaign, he announced in a statement.

Future Youth Records’ Think Earth campaign EP, which will be released on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, will feature several of FYR’s international artist partners covering Lennon’s 1991 song, “Saltwater.”

The EP will include German youth artist Josh Heitzler’s remix of “Save Me” from Lennon’s latest release,  Jude, which debuted in SeptemberLennon’s single “Lucky Ones,” from the album, which also centers around an environmental theme. This track re-entered the Billboard charts that same month, and new remixes of the song continue with frequent airplay, as a favorite of DJs across the globe.

Other FYR artist partners will contribute songs on the EP. Special guest session musicians on the “Saltwater” cover will also include Eva Gardner, Jim Keltner, Steve Porcaro, Laurence Juber, and Dave Shul. 

Jason Wall, Executive Director of Future Youth Records, explains “We must all work together in a cross-generational partnership if we are to solve our most critical problems like the climate crisis. This project represents the power of what can be done if done together. We ask others to join us in support and solidarity as a partner by doing whatever they can to ensure this important work can continue”. 

The White Feather Foundation and Future Youth Records will share in the proceeds equally, with The White Feather Foundation’s share going directly to the Save the Mirning Sea Country Campaign to help preserve critical biodiversity and protect a sacred Aboriginal culture. Future Youth Records’ proceeds will continue to support Gen Z artists to inspire environmental change and social justice through music. 

Lennon founded The White Feather Foundation in 2007 to address environmental and humanitarian issues.

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