Jon Bon Jovi to Voice New Covid-19 Documentary

Jon Bon Jovi’s has leant his voice to a new documentary following the journey of three healthcare workers and two patients as they attempt to navigate the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film–The Surge at Mt. Sinai–includes commentary from the hospital. It will stream on discovery+ on July 1. The movie also includes a song by Billie Eilish.

Peter Maiden, the doc’s executive producer, says, “Our purpose for this film was to give the world a glimpse into what life was like for the heroic frontline workers during the height of the pandemic. These individuals went above and beyond and dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy to saving the lives of NYC residents.”

He continues: “We hope the film will inspire audiences to find the goodness in humanity, even in the dark, and to keep purpose at the heart of all they do.”

In other Bon Jovi news, the band has picked up the Rock Touring Artist of the Decade honor at the Pollster Awards.

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