John Mellencamp Says No to Big Game

John Mellencamp has zero interest in playing the Super Bowl, he revealed in a new interview with daughter, Teddi, on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

The man who once said he didn’t want to be a “pop singer,” says he turned down the offer to perform at the big game.

“I don’t like being on television,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said.

He apparently isn’t a fan of performing live, either, revealing he doesn’t have a favorite song to sing live.

“I don’t like really singing any of them.” He continued, “live performance for me is a job ‘cause they pay me for leaving home, not for going on stage.”

He continued: “I owe it to the audience because they pull me through those songs.”

Discussing his album, “American Fool,” Mellencamp offered that the label “hated it” and wanted him to be the next Neil Diamond. His response was a simple, “F U.”

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