INXS to Celebrate ‘INXS Day’ With Tik Tok Livestream

August 16 is officially declared INXS day in celebration of the day the group, then known as The Farriss Brothers, played its first gig.

To commemorate the day, the band will host a 5 pm livestream on Tik Tok celebrating the 35th anniversary of INXS’ 1987 album Kick. The hour long special will examine the record include a track-by-track, along with interviews with members of the band and with the group’s their executive music producer, Giles Martin.

Additionally,  a deluxe digital box-set version of its 1982 debut album, Shabooh Shoobah, as well as two special vinyl editions of the record, will be available this October in honor of its 40th anniversary. A limited-edition clear-vinyl reissue of Shabooh Shoobah can be preordered now at the official INXS online store.

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