How Happy Are New Jersey Cities?

New Yorkers have another reason to move to at least one New Jersey city–residents are happier there.

According to a new survey of the “Happiest Cities in America,” Jersey City ranks at #43–15 cities ahead of New York City, which ranks at #58.

That’s not to say New Jersey cities are perfect–Newark, NJ residents seem to be more miserable, ranking at #132. Why so miserable? Newark ranks number one for lowest income growth, according to the survey.

And where is Philadelphia on this list of 182 cities? Towards the bottom at #141.

So where do you go to come on, get happy? Go West, young person. Fremont, California ranks at the top spot.

Rounding out the top ten are: Columbia, Maryland, San Francisco , San Jose, California , Irvine, California, Madison, Wisconsin , Seattle, Overland Park, Kansas , Huntington Beach, California , and San Diego.

Ranking dead last is Detroit, Michigan.

Factors figuring into the list included: Life satisfaction scores, depression rates, physical and emotional health, income growth, employment rates, job satisfaction, and weather.

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