How Does Color Factor in with Your Favorite Bands?

Did you know your favorite color determines your favorite type of music?

The creative writers at LoudWire decided to apply color psychology–the study of how colors influence behaviors and moods–to determine what your favorite band would be. For example, if you wear a lot of black, you may like serious, dark music like Black Sabbath. If you prefer red, your musical tastes are more outgoing, unlike blue, which is more laid back.

Check out their determinations below and let us know your favorite colors in the comments and how it played out for you (and if this has any truth to it?):

Black:  You’re pretty serious , dark and twisty.  And you’re probably also dark and a bit pessimistic, but it’s okay.  After all, you’re a unique individual, just like Type O NegativeBlack Sabbath, and Korn.

Red:  You’re a bit more outgoing and upfront than most.  You have a sense of adventure and are always looking for new ways to get an adrenaline rush.  Your impulses might get the best of you and you might intimidate others, like Ozzy Osbourne or System of a Down.

Orange:  You’re the social one of your friend group.  You’re also a free and creative spirit who enjoys parties and any other social event . . . a total extrovert, much like Van Halen or Motley Crue.

Yellow:  You are a kind and adventurous spirit who sees the good in everything.  You’re known for being an optimist with cheerful energy . . . like Twisted Sister and Greta Van Fleet.

Blue:  You’re laid back and easygoing.  You’re peaceful and compassionate, while still being strong.  Just because you’re not bold, doesn’t mean you’re soft . . . just like Tool, and Alice in Chains.

Green:  You’re likely a practical person and down-to-earth.  You enjoy helping others, but it’s possible you also have a jealous side. Green with envy, get it? See Dio and Alice Cooper.

Purple:  You thrive on creativity and crave individualism.  You’re able to tune out nonsense and focus on what you want like RushMuse, and Thrice.

White:  You probably get along well with people who identify as Blue because you are calm, peaceful, and you like things clean and orderly.  You make a great equalizer because you’re grounded and can offset any bold energy of those around you like Fleetwood MacPink Floyd, and The Police.

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