Gene Simmons Champions Dogecoin

Is Gene Simmons the God of Dogecoin?

The iconic KISS Demon has joined Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg touting the cryptocurrency on his social media pages. The savvy investor is also touting  BTCETHLTC, DOGE, and  XRP.

“When I was a kid I started reading stuff, the kind of stuff that the other kids did not read,” the Kiss bassist said during the podcast. “So as you know reading is fundamental and the more information I got, the more questions I had. I learned about capitalism and how it works, how the government prints money. That it was once based on gold, and there lies the value, and then at some point in the past before most of you were born, the dollar was no longer based on gold.”

Simmons dove into crypto three months ago, he revealed.

“The world continues to somehow base value on dollars. Even the terrorists want to get paid in dollars and not by local wombat coinage— I’m not the expert and I’m not directing [you] or suggesting that anyone get into cryptocurrency, I’m just telling you what I am doing,” he said. “The more governments and that includes the United States government, continue to keep printing money which is based on nothing, at some point, you gotta pay the piper.”

He continued: “There’s a simple idea, and the simple idea is you’ve got a deck of cards, and cryptocurrency is one of those things. You can pick litecoin, bitcoin… whatever. How it started and what the intent was is not the issue for me. The issue for me and the appeal for me is that people like it. [Notable people] whether it’s Elon, or whether it’s Camron and Tyler, there’s lots of interesting people.”

Simmons suggested that even Mark Cuban is warming up to the idea.

“I had a discussion with Mark Cuban the other day and he commented on something about bitcoin,” Simmons detailed. “He is changing too, the Buffet people are going to change. You cannot avoid it, I know that Goldman [Sachs] folks are looking at this, institutional money, and Scaramucci is looking at it.

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