Epiphone Unveils New Joan Jett Guitar

Just in time for the winter Olympics, Epiphone is rolling out a brand new guitar saluting Joan Jett.

The Joan Jett Olympic special pays tribute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s favorite guitar, painted white to represent what she calls a “clean slate.”

“I got a reputation because I didn’t bend to to convention,” she said in a video.

“You’re able to make it your own, paint on it, write on it, beat it up or polish it daily…the point is to make it your vision and voice,” she explains. “Being true to the music is really all about owning who you are. My guitars have become an extension of who I am. I want girls and guys everywhere to be fearless about picking up a guitar.”

The $550 guitar has some neat features, including Jett’s autograph on the headstock, a specially requested detail: a “kill switch” toggle that mutes and un-mutes.  Each guitar comes with a set of Joan Jett stickers and a Custom Premium Gig Bag.

The guitar is available now for sale.

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