Elton John Launches New Eyewear Line

Elton John’s glasses are one of the most iconic images in rock and roll, and now fans can get his legendary look with a new line of eyewear.

Sir Elton is launching his own designs under the name Elton John Eyewear, created in collaboration with Sam’s Club and Walmart. There are four collections: The Foundations Collection, The Formative Years, The Working Musician and The Master Collection. 

The Foundations Collection will include 60 prescription, non-prescription, sunglass and reader options. Every piece of eyewear features the emblazoned with a signature “E,” with some referencing famous songs such as “Rocketman,” and others nodding to his iconic pop-star story, such as “A-List” and “Prodigy.”

“Elton John Eyewear celebrates confidence, self-expression and authenticity,” John said in a statement. “The line is designed to have something for everyone, so no matter who you are, you can always look yourself. It’s not just about glasses, it’s about changing the way people see themselves.”

Sam’s Club will also exclusively launch the Master Collection, a collector’s line inspired by the singer’s most recognizable glasses, each signed and sold in limited quantities starting at $350.

The collection will also be launched by Walmart later this week.  $1 million of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Elton John AID’s Foundation, as a continuation of their longtime support for the singer’s philanthropic efforts to increase HIV education and awareness.

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