Does Elton John Actually Need Glasses?

After all of these years seeing Elton John wearing glasses–now the truth can be told: he actually doesn’t need them.

Speaking to Vogue Magazine, Sir Elton revealed that whenever you see him wearing glasses, they don’t actually have prescription lenses.

That and other revelations are shared in Vogue‘s ongoing video series “Life in Looks,” with Sir Elton taking a look back at his onstage wardrobe over the years. Why did he go so outrageous with the feathers and sequins?

” “I sat at a piano. I’m not Mick Jagger. I’m not Rod Stewart. I’m not David Bowie. I don’t move around the stage. I’ve got to attract attention somehow!” he said.

Elton especially loved his  “Louis IV on acid” look for his 50th birthday party in 1997 wearing “the biggest wig of all time.” The wig was so big, he had to be transported in a furniture van.

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