Dennis DeYoung Solo Album Features Duet with Julian Lennon; Talks Desire for Styx Reunion (Video Below)

Former Styx vocalist/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung just released his first solo album in over a decade, 26 East, Vol. 1, and it features special guests.

DeYoung was so inspired he recorded 18 tracks that will now comprise a two volume set, eight of which he co-wrote with Survivor’s Jim Peterik, who adds guitar to the record. A second collection of songs is due later this year.

The album’s first single –“To The Good Old Days” is a duet with the late John Lennon’s son, Julian.

“I had never met him, didn’t know him at all,” DeYoung told “I had written an homage to the Beatles called ‘Hello Goodbye.’ I got the idea of involving Julian, but I realized that it really wasn’t his story. I then sat down and wrote ‘To the Good Old Days’ and I figured out how to send him a demo. I never thought I’d hear back. But I did and he said he honored to be on it.”

DeYoung previously released a solo performance of the Styx hit, “The Best of Times” on “an out of tune piano” to comfort fans in quarantine, and was surprised when he learned it had gone viral.

“The last time I trended I had a mustache,” he joked.

As for his desire to have a Styx reunion show, DeYoung isn’t giving up.

“Once again the “BOT” home video really caught fire with now over one million and fifty thousands views and the “Show Me The Way” one over 100k, something really awakened the Styx fan base like I have not seen in 20 years. And the comments being left are really something. The fans that have not thought much about Styx or me for a while are coming out to ask for a reunion. You should have heard the radio tour I did this morning with every one of the DJ’s calling for a reunion tour with me involved, some rather angrily that there isn’t one. I didn’t argue,” he wrote on Facebook.
“As far as the out pouring of support you gave regarding the Rolling Stone reunion piece it was a beautiful thing to read as so many comments said there was no need for me to reunite because my band is better. No argument from me,” he continued. “But I want the reunion to say goodbye to all the fans who never seem to make it to my shows or theirs, get em in one place and say Merci beaucoup and sing AD 2020. And to get into the R&R Hall of Fame. We belong there without a doubt.”

Watch the video below:

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