David Cosby Defends Perceived Eddie Van Halen Dis on Twitter

David Crosby has never been one to mince words, but he put his foot in his mouth when asked about the passing of Eddie Van Halen.

 The trouble started when a fan asked the Crosby, Stills & Nash and Byrds co-founder his thoughts on the late Van Halen guitarist, who passed away from cancer at the age of 65 from Cancer.

“i know you’re not into metal david, but what’s your opinion on eddie van halen?” the fan asked.

“Meh…” was Crosby’s response, sparking off a firestorm of scorn from rock luminaries, including Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snyder.

“Agreed. That said, I’ve always hated @thedavidcrosby AND his mustache. #JustSayin.”

Crosby was quick to defend his position, explaining that Van Halen’s playing didn’t move him.

“[JimiHendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really…look I get it…many of you loved Van Halen…and the one time I met he was nice…and he was talented…meh to me means I don’t care that much…and I don’t…doesn’t mean he wasn’t good, he was but not for me.”

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