Bruce Springsteen to Premiere Original Song in New Film this Weekend

Bruce Springsteen will have an original song featured in a new film, “She Came to Me,” starring Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei and Anne Hathaway, Variety reports.

The song, “Addicted to Romance,” will premiere Feb. 16 at the Berlin Film Festival in the end credits of the Rebecca Miller film.

This isn’t the first time Miller used Springsteen in one of her films. The filmmaker first used “Dancing in the Dark” in a previous movie, “Maggie’s Plan,” which starred Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore.

“I really love Bruce’s music. For the end of ‘She Came to Me,’ we wanted an original song,” Miller tells Variety. “I had a secret wish it might be Bruce, but I was reluctant to ask because I felt it was so unlikely, and frankly I was a bit shy.

“[Composer] Bryce Dessner encouraged me to ask — he was sure Bruce would love the film, so I approached him. Bruce and [his wife Patti Scialfa] ended up watching the film, and, to my delight, they both loved it! Bruce said he’d take a few days to see if anything came to him for a song. Miraculously, ‘Addicted to Romance’ was the result. He says he was inspired by the film, which is a great honor for me.”

“Addicted to Romance” was produced by Ron Aniello and Grammy Award-winning classical composer Dessner (founding member of the band, The National). Orchestrated by Dessner and mixed by David Chalmin, “Addicted to Romance” is backed with vocals by Patti Scialfa, Benjamin Lanz on Trombone and Kyle Resnick on Trumpet.

“Collaborating with Rebecca Miller on her new film ‘She Came to Me’ was one of the most rewarding and creative experiences I have had working on a film,” Dessner tells Variety. “It is rare for a composer to be deeply involved in a film prior to shooting, and to get to work so closely with Rebecca on two on-screen operas and the score – which are integral to the narrative of the movie – was thrilling for me. In addition to that it has been a lifelong dream of mine to collaborate directly with Bruce Springsteen and I was so honored to help produce and orchestrate his song ‘Addicted to Romance’ for the movie.”

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