Bruce Springsteen Talks New Music with AARP

Bruce Springsteen is the new cover boy in the latest issue of AARP, and in an accompanying interview he gives fans some insight into the forthcoming album, Letter to You.

“It is a summing up of what I’ve tried to do over the course of my 45, 50 years now, working,” he said.

He also explains what it was like recording the record in five days, entirely live, with the E Street Band.

“I’m not sure if we ever did [that before], because it’s totally live, including all the vocals,” he added. “”It sounds current, and yet it sounds very much like the E Street Band. And there’s a focus on keyboards. Jake [Clemons] came in and did a beautiful job with the saxophone. And, [there’s] just something about the way the material is constructed and the emotional construction of the songs.”

Watch the video below:

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