Bruce Springsteen Lends His Voice to New Movie, ‘Ants’

Bruce Springsteen has always been a fan of cinema, and now his voice can be heard in a new documentary, Ants, reading a passage from John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

The plot of the film centers on  the plight of African and Asia migrants trying to make their way to Europe to find a better life.

“The great companies did not know that the line between hunger and anger is a thin line…On the highways the people moved like ants and searched for work, for food. And the anger began to ferment,” Springsteen reads in the trailer, which was premiered by Variety.

Springsteen’s love of The Grapes of Wrath can be traced to his song, “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” based on the main character.

Producer Davide Azzolini reached out to Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau to see if Springsteen would do it, he tells Variety.

“I said it would be a wonderful gift for us if [Springsteen] could read it. That it would help this project immensely.”

The reply was: “He doesn’t do these things, but let’s try.”

A few weeks later, Azzolini was told Springsteen “would tape it in his studio with his sound person.” And a few days later “we got an email with two different takes of his recordings, which we edited in,” he says.

The movie is being submitted to international festivals. Italy’s Fandango Sales is selling internationally.

Watch it HERE.

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