Bruce Springsteen Honored by President Joe Biden

Bruce Springsteen made another trip to the White House in Washington D.C. Tuesday (March 21) for a big award from President Joe Biden, who honored him with the National Medal of Arts, which “honors exemplary individuals and organizations that have advanced the arts in America.”

Springsteen entered with the ceremony to the usual fanfare and united voices chanting, “Bruuuuuuce.”

“The work of our honorees is as diverse as the nation that celebrates with them today, but common threads weave them together in many ways,” Biden said at the ceremony. “The pursuit of excellence, the drive to create, the yearning to connect and the boldness to be truth tellers, bridge builders and change seekers.” He added, “Above all you are masters of your craft.”

He continued with the accolades, saying “Bruce Springsteen a poet, troubadour a chronicler of American life, resilience and hope.”

Springsteen, he said, is “one of our greatest performers and storytellers,” whose music spans generations. “Bruce Springsteen’s music celebrates our triumphs, heals our wounds, and gives us hope, capturing the unyielding spirit of what it means to be American.”

Springsteen was previously recognized at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2009, and President Barack Obama honored him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006.

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