B Street Band Member Glenn Stuart Talks New Bruce Springsteen Tribute Song

As the lead singer of the Bruce Springsteen tribute band, The B Street Band, Glenn Stuart has a very special relationship with the man behind the music.

“I grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey, which is just a few miles away from Freehold and I discovered Springsteen around ‘Born to Run’ time like millions of other people,” he said.

Stuart joined the B-Street Band 32 years ago, and has served as emulating Springsteen for countless shows-most recently at the L.E.A.D. festival at Mercer County Park and at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and a full slate of appearances throughout the state. Previous shows included appearances by prominent E Streeters including “Miami Steve” Van ZandtMighty Max Weinberg, the late great Big Man Clarence ClemonsGarry W. Tallent and Vini “Mad Dog” Lopez.

Stuart is so good at capturing Springsteen’s aura, his new song “Highways and Rivers (Springsteen and Me”) is an homage to the man and a story of his journey as both a fan and a performer. The reflective piece is reminiscent of the 2013 fan-focused film, “Springsteen and I.” A recently released video shares Stuart’s journey with a cameo photo bomb representing the Facebook Spring-Nuts fan group.

“How can I do a song about Bruce Springsteen fans without talking about Spring-Nuts, or at least showing them in the video?” Stuart says. “Those are the people that this song is about. Those are the people that have their own stories. People all over the world.”

“It’s a song about being a Bruce Springsteen fan..my own personal experience being a Bruce Springsteen fan,” he said. “It’s about how he’s been a part of my life throughout my life. I owe a lot to him. It’s given me a career for 30 years and from my career I have everything that I have. I owe a lot to Bruce Springsteen.”

The song is a follow-up to Stuart’s 2020 album, American Dreamscapes (co-produced by Ken Waddell), a reflective piece written during the pandemic following a diagnosis of lung cancer.

“It was a pretty depressing time, to say the least, and I decided to start writing music,” he said. “I wanted to write some songs for my kids, my wife and my family. As an offshoot of that, I continued to keep writing and ‘Highways and Rivers’ came out. There are a couple of more songs we are in the process of putting together, so hopefully we will have some more stuff coming through the summer and into the fall.”

The B Street Band will be playing Sundays at 6 p.m. this July at Jenkinsons in Point Pleasant. Check out the schedule HERE.

Listen to the rest of the chat below:

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