Ann Wilson Debuts New Single (Video Below)

Ann Wilson is releasing a new song today (Jan. 22) , “Tender Heart,” with an accompanying video on her YouTube channel.

“‘Tender Heart’ came out of a personal struggle, but quickly evolved into a greater, more universal meaning,” the Heart icon explains in a statement. “We as the human race are coming to realize realities we never dreamed we’d have to face — environmentally, culturally, financially, and health-wise. Humanity is coming to terms with uncomfortable, heartbreaking, terrifying truths.”

She adds, “This song is for the soul whose heart is blindsided by reality, but is still soft and innocent. I hope people will identify with this song and feel they are not alone.”

Wilson also will be releasing a limited-edition, signed seven-inch vinyl single featuring “The Revolution Starts Now” that’s available for pre-order via  “Tender Heart” is now available for streaming and digital release.

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