Angus Young Reveals ‘Highway to Hell” was Born on the Toilet

Even classic rockers get their greatest inspiration in the loo.

Take, for instance, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, who admitted in an interiew on Apple Music that the lyrics to “Highway to Hell” came while he was on the toilet.

“I started playin’ the beginning — the intro — but I didn’t have anything to sing, and I said, ‘Okay, give me a few minutes.,;” he said. “And I went to the toilet, and then I go, ‘I thi. . .  I’ve got it! I’ve got it, I’ve got it!’ And then I came in and I said: ‘I’ve got it! ‘Highway To Hell.””

Highway To Hell was the final album with co-founding frontman Bon Scott, on vocals, who died on February 19th, 1980 at age 33, after passing out and choking on his own vomit following a long night of drinking.

AC/DC ‘s latest record, “Power Up,’ was released on November 20.

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