AC/DC Release New Video for ‘Realize’

AC/DC has just released a new video today (Jan. 13) from their album, “Power Up,” for the song “Realize.”

Power Up’s lead single, “Shot In The Dark” peaked at Number Three on Billboard’s Rock Airplay charts.

In the video, each of the the five members were filmed in separate locations, with the clips pieced together by  co-director Clemens Habicht.

The song–released as a single in November 2020–was written while Malcolm Young was still alive.

“It was another strong idea that he had. For me, I knew how much he really liked it. I remember when we originally were writing it, the effort that he put in and how he built it up,” Angus Young told France’s Heavy1 TV. “The thing is, I remember we had the music side of it together, how we wanted to do it. And he gave me his hook idea, the chorus, When the gave me the verse idea, of how he wanted the lyric, he sang it to me roughly. And I heard it, and it stuck in my head all day. And I just kind of thought, How clever is he? He just comes up with something. It was one of those things where I kept repeating it and repeating it in my head.”

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