AC/DC ‘Power Up’ Hits No. 1 on Album Charts

Congratulations to AC/DC, who officially have not only the No. 1 album of the week with “Power Up,” but the fastest selling release of 2020.

In a new “thank you” to fans on Social Media, singer Brian Johnson hinted at the possibility of live shows once the all clear is given.

“We wanna see you in your hometown. We’ll try everything we can to get there and play for you live, play these great tunes for you live,” he said.

Additionally, a virtual performance is also in the works, he said.

“We knew that it was a pretty good thing that we’d done, you know, we wanted to make Malcolm Young proud of it and it made us proud because we’d made Malcolm proud.”

He added:,“Four years ago you gotta remember, ya know, we were all but over – Some people thought. They forget about the AC/DC spirit. You never give in. You never leave your wounded behind, you always come back.”

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