AC/DC Fans Lobby for Super Bowl Halftime Show

An online petition lobbying for AC/DC to play the halftime show of the 2021 Super Bowl is gaining steam.

So far, 42,420 signatures have been collected on The goal of 50,000 names is in reach.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had some REAL METAL play the halftime show for the Super Bowl.  Don’t get me wrong, ALL MUSIC artists have done a great job and SHOULD play the show, but we all need a turn,” writes organizer Gina Di Lecce.” It’s time for some rock and roll! And who better than AC/DC to play?! They are coming back together, making a new album and possibly touring again.  This would be perfect!! Come together, Metal heads, and get this going! Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is WITH US!! “

The band-which is about to release the new album, Power Up, on Nov. 13-  has already licensed Shot In the Dark for use in a new Dodge commercial, who is likely an ad sponsor for the Super Bowl.

Guitarist Angus Young recently revealed in the podcast Let There Be Talk tha the new album was culled from unused riffs by himself and his late brother, Malcolm, in the AC/DC vaults.

“A lot of these songs, when we were going to do the album Black Ice, Malcolm and me had a lot of years where the two of us would just be in, y’know, a little studio just workin’ away all the time — just writing songs,” he said. “And in the period with so much stuff, even when we went to do Black Ice, it was a case of, y’know, you’ve got a few boxes of your ideas. . . And it was a case of — we only got even to box one! And we were just pulling out the first stuff that we had of tracks. Y’know, by the time you’ve got that, you’ve got, like 20 ideas.”

To sign the petition and add your name, go HERE.

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