Play the Hi/Lo Free Money Game!


The Boss Hi/Lo Game is giving away even more cold hard cash to our fellow Jersey residents each week! You can play on-air each weekday and also enter for a shot at $1,007 by filling out the form below.

Tune in every weekday and listen for the sound to play the Hi/Lo Money Free Money Game & score anywhere from $107 to $1007! That's right – every winning amount ends in "7," but here's the catch...🧠 It's a Mind Game! You've got to put your guessing skills to the test because you'll need to guess the exact amount to take home the jackpot! Think you can hit the jackpot? Don't be "too high" or "too low" – it's all about hitting that sweet spot.

Contest times are 6 AM, 9 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM every weekday live on air! Jersey's OFFICIAL free money radio station, 107.1 The Boss & 99.7 FM, have your chance at free cash covered.

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