Watch 68-Year-Old Jenny Darren Rock AC/DC on ‘Britain’s Got Talent”

Britains’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was wowed by 68-year old Cotswold resident Jenny Darren, who unexpectedly swapped Grandmotherly sweater for rock and roll leather and a potent version of AC/DC’s Highway To Hell.

Cowell was expecting a performance as exciting as knitting, but instead got hit with a dose of adrenaline he described as “bloody fantastic.”

Darren—who got four enthusiastic yes votes–  is not new to rocking. In 1979, she released the record,  Queen Of Fools, which included the original version of Heartbreaker, Pat Benatar’s breakthrough hit.

Heartbreaker was released on my album,”  Darren told Radio Times. “But nobody thought to bring it out as a single. I wasn’t that upset about it at the time, but I’ve been more upset about it since when reality dawns on you. When you’re young, you’re doing lots of gigs and things. But of course it’d have made a big difference if I had recorded that as a single, without a doubt.”

Watch Darren rock out below:


Listen to Darren’s version of “Heartbreaker” (with different lyrics):