Steve Perry Premieres New Video for ‘We’re Still Here’ (Video)

Steve Perry premiered his new video for “We’re Still Here” on Friday (March 22), and marked the occasion with a special Q and A session for fans on Facebook.

In the clip, his first official promotional video for the album, Traces, the former Journey front man is behind the wheel of a Chevy Chevelle, driving round the streets of Hollywood at night, observing a couple on a date and an act of kindness by a homeless man.

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“From time to time, separateness happens, for many different reasons. But in us all, it’s still there, and in that sense, we’re still here,” he explained to a fan.

Regarding his experience making the video, Perry said, “Driving that car around the streets of Hollywood reminded me of my earlier cruising days in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Those were magical times when you were driving up and down the street repeatedly with music blaring.”