Skateboarding Film Set For Jersey Shore Film Festival Premiere in Asbury Park (Trailer below)

The Jersey Shore Film Festival continues through Sunday, and a film screening tomorrow at the Berkeley Oceanfront in Asbury Park features some very familiar locations from Asbury Park and Deal.

Virgin Blacktop: a New York skate odyssey,” directed by Charlie Samuels, is billed as a ” coming-of-age story about a super funky crew of suburban, skateboard loving  New York City kids” set in 1977.

Despite their vastly different ages, races and economic backgrounds and with their parents hands off approach, they formed a competitive, traveling team of spirited outsiders called the “Wizards”. Now, nearly 40 years later, they remain lifelong friends but their lives have followed very different paths, from boardrooms to jail cells.

We had a reunion of my skateboard crew where we built a ramp inside my NYC apartment,” Samuels–who Samuels got his start shooting the burgeoning N.Y.C. skateboard scene for Thrasher magazine– said in a statement. “I filmed it on Hi8 and thought I’d cut it for one of my monthly documentary shows on Manhattan cable access TV. But when I saw the passion and energy coming through so strongly, I immediately thought of how I could take it beyond that by supplementing it with interviews and old film footage as a “where they are now” doc. I searched attics, basements and storage lockers for Super8* film of us and found it all. When the best time in your life happens to be documented by some incredibly talented shooters you gotta make a film about it.”

The film–which has already won several awards on the festival circuit– screens tomorrow (Saturday, June 29) at 3 p.m. at the Berkeley Hotel in A.P.

Watch the trailer below: