Six Flags Announces 30-Hour Coffin Challenge Contestants from Ocean County

Three Ocean county women are set to compete in the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge at Six Flags Great Adventure, the park announced today.

Platt, who hails from from Forked River and the mother-daughter team LynnAnn Joyce and Alairra Craven, Seaside Heights, were picked out of nearly 6,000 people to compete in the contest, set for Oct. 13 and 14 at the theme park.

The challenge begins Oct. 13 at 2:30 p.m. with a “Laying to Rest Ceremony” and will finish at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 14 with a “Raising from the Dead Ceremony,” with guest emcee Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster from the show, The Munsters, entertaining with trivia games.

Each of the contestants have an interesting backstory.  Platt, 47, nearly died in childbirth, and last year donated a kidney to save her mother’s life.  Joyce, 44, has lupus, and wants to  prove that she can overcome any challenges. like her daughter, Craven. Craven, 18, just completed U.S. Army basic training at Fort Jackson,South Carolina, and was most nervous about training in the gas chamber.

Contestants will dwell in wooden coffins for 30 hours, receive brief bathroom and phone breaks every three hours, eat their meals in their coffins, endure creepy challenges and receive unannounced visits from Fright Fest freaks and live critters like snakes, spiders and skunks. A new point system will tabulate one grand prize winner and runners up. Challenges will offer coffin dwellers the chance to earn points, and penalize them if they waive a challenge.

As previously reported, the challenge includes:

  • Fully-covered coffin lid with just a small mesh hole for that ultra-claustrophobic feeling;
  • Games that include live bugs, pungent food items and trivia to earn points, penalties and a “Get Out of the Coffin” card;
  • Fewer bathroom, stretch and phone breaks: coffin dwellers will only be permitted to leave the coffin once for 13 minutes every three hours to use the restroom or their phones;
  • Sleep deprivation with Yacht Rock and songs like “Baby Shark” on repeat during overnight hours;
  • Scores will be tabulated throughout the event, and the grand prize winner will receive $600, two Six Flags Gold Passes and two Fright Fest Haunted Maze Passes. Runners-up will receive items ranging from Fright Fest day passes to season passes.

Fright Fest is happening every weekend through Halloween At Six Flags, Great Adventure, Jackson.

This year’s contestants are:


·      Amanda Roberts, Hopatcong, NJ – This 31-year-old Halloween fanatic eats, sleeps and breaths all things creepy. She’s a makeup artist for haunts, plays in a horror-themed punk band, works at a Halloween store and suspends herself from hooks through her flesh (known as body suspension). “Who WOULDN’T want to spend time in a coffin?! I’m so excited,” she said.

·      Michael Markawicz of Ridley Park, PA – Markawicz was inspired by a strange happening in his youth – while attending a family viewing and paying respect to his loved one, the body sat up. Death fascinated him and for the last 13 years he has been fighting to saving lives as a paramedic. The 32-year-old Halloween fanatic also survived being lost in the woods in freezing temperatures, so can he survive the cold, lonely coffin? 

·      Deborah “Cricket” Alanis, Bayshore, NY – This 53-year-old mom of three wants to prove she’s got what it takes. She has survived cancer and worked as a funeral director for many years. “I’m not scared of premature entombment – bring it on,” Alanis said.      

·      Kerri Platt, Forked River, NJ – Platt has stared death in the face. This 47-year-old mom nearly died in childbirth, and last year donated a kidney to save her mother’s life. This is her second year applying for the challenge and she is ready to show she is “the coolest mom ever.”       

·      LynnAnn Joyce and Alairra Craven of Seaside Heights, NJ – This dynamic mother/daughter duo can’t wait for some unusual family bonding time. 44-year-old Joyce is “petrified of death” and coffins but wants to prove that she can confront her fears like her daughter, 18-year-old Craven. Craven just completed Army basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina and was most nervous about training in the gas chamber. The determined Joyce also has Lupus and wants to show others that “I have it, but it will never have me.”


If a contestant cannot fill his or her place in the coffin, an alternate has been selected:

·      Ashley Allen, Willingboro, NJ – The Halloween-obsessed 26-year-old is currently studying to become a mortician. She is a huge fan of Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe and horror movies, and says that her personality resembles that of Morticia Addams of The Addams Family.