Roger Daltrey Releases New Album; Tour Starts in One Month

Roger Daltrey’s new album, As Long As I Have You, is out in stores today (June 1) : just in time for the launch of his solo tour this July.

The Who frontman’s new record includes seven tracks featuring guitarist Pete Townshend.  In addition to new originals, Daltrey goes deep with new interpretations of songs by a diverse range of artists. In the mix are covers of Stevie Wonder‘s “You Haven’t Done Nothing,” The Jackson Five‘s “The Love You Save,”  Stephen Stills‘ “How Far,” Nick Cave‘s “Into Your Arms” and country singer K.T. Oslin‘s “Where Is a Woman to Go?”

It was Townshend that convinced Daltrey to finish the album-his first since 1992.

“I had a really kind of long-running period with the record where I got really sick [with meningitis],” said Daltrey. “And when I went back to it, it sounded rubbish, and I was gonna shelve it. And then Pete heard and said, ‘You gotta finish it, Rog. And I’ll play guitar on it.’

Daltrey’s tour is going to be a lot of fun. He is going to treat fans with a performance of  The Who’s classic rock opera Tommy with orchestral accompaniment.

Check out a new song, “Certified Rose,” below: